Summer Series | Rocket & Goat's Feta Dip

I hope you all had a mighty Australia Day wherever in the world you may be! Mine was great. An unusually quiet and simple one, but nonetheless filled with a winning combination - great company, beer, barbeque, sunshine and a backyard pool. The perfect way to celebrate a public holiday.

Today’s post is the second of my Summer Series and is all about the friendly snacks and nibblies, essential for entertaining. Last week’s Summer Series post shared some tips on how to have a FODMAP Friendly barbeque, along with my Barbequed Chicken Satay recipe (which I'd love to hear your thoughts on!?).

While entertaining can be super fun it can also be super stressful, especially with the many dietary requirements to cater for. Sorry about that! So making dips in advance is one of my favourite ways to avoid the morning stress, while still serving something delicious and fresh. Homemade dips are the perfect snack to go with chopped vegetable sticks, corn chips and rice crackers.

When it comes to packaged chips and rice crackers, just remember "plain" is THE word! This is the easiest way to avoid onion and garlic powders and other potential nasties.

The lovely unique taste of goat's cheese gives this Rocket & Goat’s Feta Dip an amazing flavour, whilst also adding to its creaminess. That's not even the best part. Goats cheese is low in lactose and often digested well by those with lactose intolerance, so indulge away, free of guilt and stomach-aches. My Extras page has a handy fact sheet on lactose content in different foods.

And just in case you're low on time, I thought I'd also share with you two of my favourite FODMAP safe store-bought dips, handy for those super rushed occasions (but obviously not as delicious as a home made variety) - Olive & Feta and Beetroot.

Stay tuned for my delish Homemade Chunky Salsa that will make you feel sorry for those eating the one out of a jar ;)

Rocket & Goats Feta Dip  
Makes 1 jar

2 large handfuls rocket
½ cup walnuts
¼ cup olive oil
Half lemon rind
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp natural Greek yoghurt
50g goat’s feta or curd
Salt & pepper

Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor. Blitz until you have an almost smooth consistency.



  1. This looks yummy, I love all of the ingredients in it, so I will mos def be making this!

    1. Thanks Cle-ann! Let me know how it goes ;)
      Steph x

  2. I just made this dip, SO DELICIOUS! Thanks heaps for sharing.

    1. I'm so glad to hear! Thanks for dropping by :)


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