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The low FODMAP diet has legs! Yep, legs that are off and running. Awareness is spreading, education is growing and more and more people are feeling the benefits of a low FODMAP diet around the world. FODMAP Friendly are doing fantastic things in the FODMAP space to further educate, create awareness and help those of us with food intolerances. The team at FODMAP Friendly have ever so kindly shared their story on how they are helping the cause!

This is the second installment from FODMAP Friendly... See the first interview here with Dr Sue Shepherd.

FODMAP Friendly Program Logo

Tell us a little bit about FODMAP Friendly!

FODMAP Friendly began in 2013, as a tool for those following a low FODMAP approach to help minimise their IBS type symptoms. The program was developed by Dr Sue Shepherd and Mr Tim Mottin. We saw so many consumers diagnosed with various food intolerances, and instructed to follow a low FODMAP diet – but these people were bewildered as to how to eat and shop on this type of eating plan! We created the FODMAP Friendly Program to help facilitate this, and allow them to better manage their symptoms.

The FODMAP Friendly Certification Program is the worlds only registered and Government approved licencing program that certifies foods and food products to be low in FODMAPs. All testing is independently carried out by approved laboratories under a published and Government approved set of rules and criteria. Our approved products carry the easy to spot logo on packaging. For consumers this is a lifesaver, as it takes the guesswork out of the equation. They can simply look for the green logo on products, instead of always trying to decipher the contents of packaged foods!

I was excited to see you have just released a FODMAP Friendly App, how do you hope this will help people like me on a low FODMAP diet?

We feel the FODMAP Friendly App is an essential tool for anyone taking a low FODMAP approach. Amongst the many features of our App is a comprehensive database of tested foods, including specific FODMAP levels per serving size. This information is crucial for any low FODMAPPER, as they can then tailor and individualise their intakes. Our App also contains data on over 200 previously untested foods, as well as a list of all our Certified products, and where to purchase. We’ve also included a database of FODMAP health specialists worldwide.

The FODMAP Friendly approved product list is growing steadily, how do you see this further evolving?
Every day we are approached by more and more brands, eager to have their products tested and join the Certification program. This is great news for anyone following a low FODMAP approach, as it means greater variety on the supermarket shelves, as more brands start to cater for low FODMAP product needs. The food range now available covers everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner through to snacks!
We are also working with a range of manufacturers globally as IBS effects 1 in 7 people worldwide and other countries are trying to find food solutions through our Certification scheme.

At the same time, we hope to see the education around FODMAPs continue to grow, which will be beneficial for consumers as well as retailers!

It’s great to see FODMAP Friendly evolving and getting recognition, can you share what exciting initiatives are next on the cards for you?

Due to continued demand, we are now expanding offshore. From October, we will be traveling to Ireland and the UK, to meet with manufacturers. We will also be delivering presentations on FODMAPs and our Program at various conferences, exhibitions and trade shows. Presentations are also planned in the USA for early next year. We will also continue to test more foods, and build upon the features of our App.

What are your top 3 pieces of advice for those following a low FODMAP diet?

  1. Make sure you are working alongside a trusted healthcare specialist, to ensure you are receiving the treatment and support that you need – everyone’s bodies are different!
  2. Purchase products that carry the Certification logo – so you can eat with confidence!
  3. Download our FODMAP Friendly App. Use these tools to make your life easier, and minimise the guesswork involved in making food choices.

Thanks very much to the FODMAP Friendly team - I can't wait to discover your newly certified products!


  1. Is there any chance that the FODMAP Friendly app will be available on Android?

    1. Hi there! Yes, I have been told the Android version of the App is very close to launch :)

  2. Love the detailed percentages in this App! Any idea when any certified products will be available in the US? Would love to try them!

    1. The FODMAP Friendly team have just informed me that they’re actually doing a USA themed week of content this week on their Facebook!

      I hope that helps!


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