I Quit Sugar Chocolate eBook

Let’s be honest, for those of us trying to live a sugar-free or dairy-free life, chocolate is the one thing that is always cheated on. There’s just no giving up that damn sweet deliciousness, but here's a way we can still enjoy chocolatey treats, the cheat-free way!

Sarah Wilson of ‘I Quit Sugar’ is a guru on sugar-free living, and has released a number of recipe books. Today she released her new ‘I Quit Sugar Chocolate eBook’. I’m so excited because it features my very own Chocolate Cashew Cream Tart recipe – gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, fructose-friendly, low-fodmap, and full of CHOCOLATEY goodness!

My Chocolate Cashew Cream Tart was chosen as one of the 13 contributor recipes from over 100 submissions, and accompanies 74 of Sarah Wilson’s sugar-free chocolate recipes.

The eBook is full of fructose-free cakes, fudges, truffles, brownies, smoothies, cheesecakes, mousses and ice cream, and heaps of fun facts, like the difference between cocoa and cacao, and fructose friendly sweeteners.

If you’re interested in checking it out its $16 via this link! 

So if you do want a copy of the eBook please purchase via the link above to show my blog some love – thanks ;)

*update: e-book no longer available



  1. Hi I had a look at the ebook on the I Quit Sugar website.
    The cover of their book has the same title but looks different to the one you are promoting. Are they still the same? Also the price is different.
    Thanks for your help...

    1. Hi there,

      Sorry about that, this e-book appears to no longer be available to purchase on the I Quit Sugar website. I'll update this post.

      Many thanks,
      Steph x


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